Health Counseling

Our Wellness Center staff offer health counseling services to assist individuals in managing their health numbers. We do this by performing a comprehensive biometric screening exam that consists of the following:

  • Full Lipid Panel Cholesterol Exam
  • Height and Weight Measurement
  • Waist Circumference Measurement
  • Blood Pressure Exam
  • Stroke Risk Factor Assessment

By having all of these services done, individuals are much more able to get a well-rounded picture of what their health status is, what risk factors to look out for, and what preventative measures they can take going forward. 

What Is A Lipid Panel Exam?

Cholesterol is a form of fat that we all need. It helps our bodies stabilize the outer membranes of our cells. But for decades, clinicians have known that people with high cholesterol levels are more likely of developing heart disease. More recently, clinicians and researchers have found that the different types of cholesterol in our body play different roles.