Welcome to the Community Wellness Center

Dear Community:

It is with pleasure and a sense a great pride that we welcome you to the Columbia University Wellness Center. For us, this center represents a much-needed resource for the local community where health screening services, health insurance enrollment services, mental health training and stroke prevention training are all available to the community for free. Our culturally sensitive approach is based on years of our collective experience developing and implementing successful public health programs for communities of color. To this end, our center provides community capacity around health promotion through our Community Health Worker training program. We not only screen for the most prevalent diseases in the community such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and depression; we also teach community residents how to screen for them in their own homes and local organizations through our formal training programs.

The power of a community to create health is far greater than any doctor, clinic or hospital.

The Columbia University Wellness Center is a community center: a safe space designed to support community health and wellness through partnerships and collaboration. To borrow the words of author and physician Mark Hyman, “the power of a community to create health is far greater than any doctor, clinic or hospital."

We hope you will visit us soon, and meet with our nurses and public health team.


Dr. Olajide Williams

Director, Columbia University Wellness Center