Past Event

Health Communication Equation: Ask The Docs

October 7, 2021
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
YouTube LiveStream

In a world filled with information — and misinformation — how do we authentically connect with one another and explore vital public health topics that impact us all? Distilling complex information into clear messages that break through the noise, spark engagement and inspire behavior change is a perennial challenge, and even more so during year two of an ongoing global pandemic.

Dr. Max Gomez will moderate a virtual town hall with Dr. Olajide Williams (the Hip Hop Doc), Dr. Monique Hedmann (Docta Mo Flow), and Dr. Ana Cepin (Dra. Ana G) to discover how Hip Hop Public Health uses music and art to break it all down. Research shows that culturally relevant and community-based art is a powerful force for health behavior change.

During the pandemic, Hip Hop Public Health has applied its evidence-based multi-sensory, multi-level health education model to spread the word about health behaviors, like hand-washing and masks, that protect against COVID-19, and to increase vaccine literacy and uptake in communities of color through culturally-relevant songs and music videos. Using the newly launched Inmunidad Comunidad, a reggaeton remix of Hip Hop Public Health’s Community Immunity series, as a case study, the panel explores why music is such a powerful public health tool; how a tailored, community-focused approach works in practice; and the ways in which we can all connect with and inspire our communities.