Councilman Mark Levine's Back-To-School Party

On August 29, 2019, families and community residents gathered for an evening full of fun activities as they prepared themselves for the upcoming school year.

Cindy Hsu
October 10, 2019

Music, games, rock climbing, dancing and free back pack giveaways were amongst the goodies that were found at Councilman Mark Levine’s Block Party earlier this school year.

It was a display of eager school children anticipating the beginning of school and their parents relief of them going back. The Wellness Center, sharing a space with Columbia University Government and Community Affairs and Columbia’s Youth Initiative, tabled to speak of the current community programs that would be happening this fall.

Children got to learn about the flow of blood through the chambers of the hearts at the Wellness Center table. As they colored their hearts, they spoke about fun facts they knew about the heart such as “without one we would die” and “my heart is the same size as my fist.” Engagement ran high as these children spent time at the table sharing their knowledge. With this enthusiasm for learning, these children will get far in the school year and the Wellness Center team wishes them the best in their studies.