Olivia's (Last) Healthy Tips

With Labor Day rolling around the corner and the start of school quickly approaching, it’s time to prepare for the sunny month of September.

Editor's note:

Our amazing intern, Olivia Duffy, wrote this piece as her last contribution to the Wellness Center. We will miss her pop culture references and youthful spirit. We wish her nothing but the best on all her future endeavors! - The Wellness Center Team

Olivia Duffy
August 27, 2019


Labor Day

  • Drink water
    • Although September isn’t expected to be as hot as August, your body still  needs the same amount of water intake. The recommended water intake for the average person is 64 oz a day. One way to get yourself to drink more water is by setting a water reminder or downloading a free water reminder app. (i.e. Drink Water Reminder, Water Tracker, and Plant Nanny).
  • Wear sunscreen
    • We know we’ve said this countless of times but it demands repeating—SPF/sunscreen is not just for the beach, sunscreen is an essential for everyday life. Our skin is always in contact with the harmful UV rays from the sun. Try to wear at least SPF 30 everyday as it prevents premature aging.

Some safe and inexpensive options include: Neutrogena’s Ultra sheer dry-touch water resistant and non-greasy sunscreen lotion and Sumbum Original Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion

  • Eat in moderation
    • Labor Day is a day of memorial that is typically celebrated with BBQ foods. Try to listen to your body and what food it actually wants this holiday weekend. The start of September brings new fruits and vegetables in peak season. Great Vegetables to cook this month and labor day are cauliflower, beets, butternut squash, lettuce, green beans, eggplant, okra, persimmons, spinach, sweet potatoes and tomatoes.


Back to School

In order to be prepared for the start of the school year, here are some tips to follow for you and your children.


  • Let your children pick a planner and then make a copy of their schedule- just in case something happens to the original, that way your kids can still follow their schedule
  • Designate time for their work and relaxation after school
  • Try to slowly implement healthier options for snacks and lunch
  • Enforce or designate set bedtimes so children can have the best amount of sleep
  • Limit screen time for children
  • Children should also stay hydrated throughout the day. One fun way for them to drink water is using colorful cups for them to drink.
  • They should also be wearing sunscreen as they will still be playing outside in September