Olivia's Healthy Tips: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is the time of year when everyone travels home and gets to eat a considerable amount of food that our stomachs love but our pants don’t. Making healthy choices on a holiday that’s centered around food can be a bit challenging but it’s not impossible. In this post I talk about how you can keep up with healthy habits while still enjoying the delicious food that Thanksgiving has to offer.

Olivia Duffy
November 26, 2019

Switch to healthier ingredients.

Switching just a few ingredients in your favorite recipes can have a huge impact on your body. Not only will the taste stay the same but you’ll be putting less calories, unhealthy fats, and processed sugar into your body.

Eat breakfast.

Though many swear by fasting all day, eating a small meal on the famous Thursday can give you more control over your appetite that day. Small plates such as eggs with toast, oatmeal, yogurt or whole grain cereal are sufficient.

Eat smaller portions.

Start out small with your portions for dinner. Don’t go overboard when eating and pay attention to your body so you know when you’re full. It’s important to start small with each food, so that you don't overdo it later on in the evening.

Stay active.

Go for a walk with the family or play a friendly game of football, catch, or frisbee. With all of the food that we snack on throughout the day, this is an excellent way to burn some of the new calories consumed that day.

Stay on track.

Thanksgiving only comes once a year so don't forget to enjoy yourself. Don’t police your whole holiday. Remember: Everything in moderation.