Spirit of the Heart: Community Event

Columbia Wellness Center participates in a community event facilitated by the Association of Black Cardiologists and the Greater Harlem Chambers of Commerce 

Cindy Hsu
November 11, 2019

On November 3rd, the Columbia Wellness Center and InTOuCH participated alongside one another at the annual Spirit of the Heart tour sponsored by the Association of Black Cardiologist and the Greater Harlem Chambers of Commerce. It was held at Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Building 2nd floor art gallery. Several health institutions such as Harlem Hospital and Mt. Sinai partook as well with the same goal: to get people educated on health.


The Association of Black Cardiologist’s mission is to eliminate cardiovascular disparities through education, research, and advocacy amongst people of color. With education and knowledge, people will be equipped with understanding what changes they can make in their everyday lives to be healthier. Colon health, hearing and eye health education tables were present too. It was an entertaining day of raffles, music, coloring and YMCA exercise demos.


 Columbia Wellness Center and INTOuCH screened individual’s blood pressure and gave valuable information surrounding cardiovascular disease. A high percentage of heart disease is preventable with proper diet, activity, reduction of stress and access to care. Participants were reminded that open enrollment for health insurance has begun. In-person assistance is provided at the Wellness Center for people have difficulties navigating the marketplace.